Free: Little Bird’s Internet Security Adventure (junior primary)

Many of my recent posts have been about cyber safety, as I am currently reviewing and writing programs for a range of year levels. Recently I came across ‘Little Bird’s Internet Security Adventure’ which is a free book that can be downloaded from the App Store, or if you don’t have an iPad, you can download a free PDF copy of the book.

In the book, Little Bird’s is on her way home to meet grandma, when she sees her friends who have questions or concerns about what happened to them when they were online. I don’t recommend reading the entire book to students in one sitting. Rather, break it down into smaller sections to allow for discussion.

For example, on page 2 when Little Bird sees her friend Gina, Gina explains that someone online asked for her name and address, then she asks Little Bird, what do I do? Pause, and ask students. Have a discussion before reading on. Each friend asks Little Bird for advice, so each time, ask students before reading on.

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