Free sound effects (all)

Students often look for sound effects when creating podcasts, video content, designing games, or designing apps. Today, when I was working with some students who were designing their own apps, I came across On this website there are  range of free royalty free sound effects which students can download as MP3 or WAV files for non-commercial projects. Students don’t have to create an account, they can simply listen and download. There are a range of categories such as animal noises, crowd sounds, door sounds, fight sounds, human sounds, battle sounds and many more.

Another source of free sound effects is the BBC Sound Effects website which is currently in beta. The BBC have made 16,000 sound effects available in WAV format to download and use for personal, educational or research purposes under the terms of the RemArc Licence.  Again, students do not have to create an account to listen to and download audio.

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