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My name is Joanne Villis and I am  classroom teacher who has  who has 12 years experience with interactive whiteboards/LCD TVs and have facilitated the integration of technology in education at my current school, St Aloysius College. I have experience working with Reception to Year 2 students with iPads, Year 3 to year 12 students using Microsoft Surface Pros and a strong understanding of coding and its applications for game development. I am proficient and have classroom experience using Office 365 and applications including: Yammer, Class Notebook (OneNote) , Forms, SharePoint and  OneDrive.

I believe, that current teachers need to provide an interactive and engaging curriculum to cater for today’s digital learners. As teachers, we need to look at our students, seek their advice  and ask ourselves, how can we deliver an education to meet their needs?


Joanne has presented at:

2013 Catholic Education Office
Digital Prayer: Joanne Created the site and co-presented with Jacinta Astachnowicz
Website: http://digitalprayer.weebly.com/

2013 Inter-tech Education Events
iPads and Free apps for K-Y2 Teachers
iPads and Free apps for Y3-Y6 Teachers
How to get the most out of your iPad as a Professional Learning Tool
Apps for teachers with Android devices
How to create your own websites
Teaching Digital Citizenship
iPad apps for K-Y7
Free online resources for teachers

2013 Integrating ICT in Education at the University of SA (Magill, SA)

2012-2010 Inter-tech Education Events
Subject specific IWB content, including: Primary and Secondary Maths, Primary Connections (Primary Science), Early Years Literacy and Numeracy, Primary Music and Secondary Languages.

June 2012  Second National ITL Masterclass conference in Adelaide (15 & 16 June)

August 2012  Ninth National Interactive Teaching and Learning (ITL) Conference in Sydney (9,10 & 11 August)

April 2012,  Integration of ICT and Education  at the University of South Australia

March 2012,  Teacher2Teacher ICT conference, Canada, Alberta


2011,  IWBNet’s Eighth National Interactive Teaching and Learning (ITL) Conference at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, Melbourne, Victoria

2011,  IWBNet’s Solutions Conference at Australia’s Technology Park in Sydney, NSW

2010, Annual SA CEGSA conference at Flinders University, for the SA Librarian Teacher’s Association

2010 Electro board Smart Bugs at the University of SA (Mawson Lakes) and St Gabriels School (Enfield).


5 thoughts on “About: Joanne

  1. Hi Joanne,
    loved your sessions at the conference last week. Thank you.
    I have a problem embedding code for You Tube videos on my blog: hlong.edublogs.org They are still coming up blocked at school. Any clues on how to fix? Thanks heaps.

    1. Hi Heather,
      Embedded YouTube videos will remain blocked at school if YouTube is blocked at school. At my school it is blocked for students, not teachers, so I show the students the YouTube clips on the smartboard and then students complete the additional tasks/blogging on their own computers. However, when students access the edublog at home, they can of course view the YouTube clips without having to leave the blog.
      By the way, I like your class blog

  2. Thanks Jo, at least now I know where I need to turn my attentions in order to get greater functionality out of my blog.

  3. Hi Joanne
    Just wondering if you are still looking to use our school in a project/research for iPads? We are finishing up school this week and would like to inform our admin on this process.

    I have been away from school for a couple week, so i do apologies if you had already sent me something and i hadn’t replied.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  4. Hi Joanne. Thank you for sharing your lessons and insights. I would like to showcase your work to a school district conference of Primary teachers here in Perth Western Australia in July. Can I have permission to display your slideshares at the conference please? Thankyou John Townley

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