Interactive TV vs Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive TVs are basically a LCD/LED TV with a touch sensitive overlay on top. Some models have a custom case that covers both parts so that they look like a single unit but internally they always have a video display and a touch surface. They can be connected to a computer and therefore functions like a ‘traditional’ interactive whiteboard for teaching. An interactive whiteboard on the other hand is a […]

New Training for teachers with ANDROID (Google Play) devices T3 2013

Yes, you read it correctly! Inter-tech Education are providing their first training session for Android users. Throughout this hands on presentation, Joanne will work with Joanne Szegedi (an experienced Android user and teacher), in order to demonstrate how to integrate a range of free apps for your classroom. The apps to be explored will be emailed to participants for downloading prior to the session. Date: Friday11th of October  2013 Time: 12:45-3:40 […]

Math Bingo app and online resource

The Math Bingo app created by Joe Scrivens is a multi-player math app with a little twist. To play the game a number sentence appears in the middle of the iPad and students have 5 seconds to calculate and select the correct answer. Multiple players can select the correct answer as long as they do so within the 5 second time limit. The player who clears their bingo cards first is […]

SMART Notebook Fraction Resouces

A teacher recently asked if I had any SMART Notebook resources for fractions and decimals. Rather than sharing with one person I thought I’d share with all. Please adhere to my creative commons license though. Basically, you are free to use and adapt my resources as long as you acknowledge the original source and you do not use my resources to profit financially in any way.  You will need SMART […]

Testing the functionality of your SMART board

This article is about how to orient your board and how to conduct a diagnostic test. Why would you want to do this? Because you work with your SMART board every day, so you need to be aware of its ware and tare. Follow these steps: 1.Align your board. 2.Go to that gallery and select large grid. 3.Trace every line. 4.Use your camera tool to create a screen capture of […]

Fraction Tiles

Today I discovered  an iPad app called Virtual Manipulatives which was created by and is currently free . This app explores fractions, percentages and decimals. To begin, you need to select fractions, decimals or percentages and then you drag across a piece. You can switch between fractions, decimals and percentages in order to explore equivalent amounts. There is also a drawing and eraser tool and the option to save. […]

Toontastic (for iPad) or Recorder functions for (SMART users) : Imaginative play, creative learning and 21st century skills

iPAD RESOURCE: TOONTASTIC Toontastic is a free storytelling and creative learning tool which enables students to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world through simple and fun imaginative play! Below is a video demonstration.   SMART Notebook Resources: If you don’t have an iPad but you do have SMART Notebook software you may like to explore the page recording function or the SMART […]

Harvey’s Home Page: For SMART Notebook users

Harvey is a retired K-12 mathematics curriculum supervisor and instructional technology supervisor based in the US and Canada. On Havey’s Home Page you will find links to math subject areas and free interactive notebooks to download. I particularly like the number sense Notebook document called ‘Fill the egg carton’. The Notebook documents are designed to be interactive activities, not complete units of work.

Graphic organisers: iPad and SMART Notebook resources

I’ve recently discovered another app ($1.00) called Tools4Students. There are 25 tools to choose from. If you are familiar with graphic organizers, most of them will be familiar to you. Some of the tools include cause/effect, compare/contrast, pro/con, fact/opinion,KWLW, making predictions, problem/solution, sequencing events, summarizing and timelines. Students can select a tool, edit the tool and then share via email or dropbox or save their work as a png or […]

NEW Dates: Holiday Training Days

Looking for ICT training during Term 1 school holidays? To book a session or for further information email me at . Small sessions guaranteed, therefore limited spaces. Option 1: iPad apps for K-Y2 Date: Friday 26th April Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm Cost: $75 Descriptor: Explore a range of free or low cost iPad apps for integration throughout a range of curriculum subjects. I will connect my iPad wirelessly to […]