Professional Development & Training

Who are we?
Inter-tech Education is a company established by a South Australian teacher (Joanne Villis) who is committed to teaching teachers how to create interactive educational programs across the curriculum. These programs embrace society’s technological advances and the technological tools that students engage with daily.

Professional Training and Development:
Inter-tech Education provides professional  development days for teachers catered to their needs. We offer technological training days in order to assist teachers prepare interactive educational resources. Each session provides practical, visual and interactive ideas.

Professional Training and Development in Australia:
Contact Joanne at to discuss your training needs.


2 thoughts on “Professional Development & Training

  1. Hi Joanne
    Are you offering Professional Development at Campbelltown Library again this year ?

    Kind regards
    Jane Everett

    1. Hi Jane,
      Hope you are well. It’s been 3 years since I’ve presented any PD. I needed time off for my family. I am just getting my website up and going again. Technology has changed so much and my teaching has too. I’m teaching cloud based, my class is one to one device, don’t even take any books with me to class nor print anything 🙂 Paperless and proud for the environment.

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