How might you help students understand pi?

Many students can tell you that the numerical value of pi is  3.14… But do they understand what it actually means? Before I teach students what pi is, (for my Y5 higher achiever students), I give them an investigation to see if they can work it out for themselves. Firstly, they need some back ground knowledge. I explain that the circumference of a circle is its perimeter or length. The distance […]

Schoolstech OZ 2014 Conference

This conference is being held in Melbourne on the 12th to the 14th of September. I am presenting three sessions, two of which I have shared below. I will upload the third once it is finished. There is little text per page in the presentations as I don’t like to read from slide. However, you may find the resources useful. I am happy for any feedback before I actually present, […]

Divide it up: puppies iPad App

I am not sure when or how I discovered this app. Today I found it in one of my ‘to sort’ folders on my iPad. Divide it up: Puppies is a free iPad app which has been designed to help students visualise division. Students are initially given a worded problem and asked to predict an answer. For example, there are 33 toys to share among 6 puppies. How many toys […]

Crackers and Goo iPad App: Understanding Patterns

The free Crackers and Goo iPad app, created by Jerry McFerran is great for higher order thinking skills. Crackers and Goo uses patterns to teach students how to think critically. In order to do this, students need to identify patterns and make decisions about how to complete those patterns. There are over 6,000 different fun and challenging math games for K-6th graders! Critical Thinking Skills include: •Counting and skip-counting by […]

Appolino iPad Apps

There are two Appolino iPad  Math iPad apps. They are called Plus & Minus, Numbers and Sets . You can download a free version for each which gives you nine games to choose from for each app. The Plus & Minus app (pictured to the left) allows students to explore addition and subtraction using a range of numbers (0-1000) and integrates blocks, number lines and value charts. The Numbers & […]

Rapid Recall of Number Facts

This article wasn’t written to validate or critique the use of drill and practice style activities within the classroom. I believe that rapid recall of basic number facts is still essential for students, therefore, I am sharing ideas for teachers on how to set up drill and practice style activities using iPads and or free online resources. Last year I trialled the use of drill and practice through iPads with […]

Math Academy and Dino-Kids Lite for iPad

Math Academy is a free app for students to practice their rapid recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Students are able to select various levels and also have the option of a ‘time trial’ or ‘endurance’ mode. In addition, as students practices math, they are awarded coins for correct answers. Coins are used for unlocking stickers within the sticker collection DinoKids Lite Math app is a free problem […]