The Computer Science Field Guide

The Computer Science Field Guide is an online resource for teaching Computer Science to students. It is a New Zealand based project, providing  content in the form of text (both for students and guidance for teachers), images and interactives.  The project was formed because people often confuse computer science with programming. “Computer science is about tools and techniques for designing and building applications that are very fast, have great interfaces, […]

Remember the Curiosity Show?

The international television program Curiosity Show was produced from 1972 to 1990 in Australia. Presented by Deane Hutton and Rob Morrison, it emphasized science, technology and things to make and do. At the time, the element of the Curiosity Show that made it different from other Science programs was that the show used common materials that could be found around the home.Deane and Rob have recently created their own YouTube channel […]

Science360 Video Library; sensational and free!

Science 360 Video is available free online or you can download the free iPad app. Science360 gather the latest videos provided by scientists and other sources in order to provide an online library for anyone to access for free. The feature of this website that stands out from others is that each video is embeddable. This means you can put any of the videos on you own blog, website and/or […]

Science Experiments: Free resources

I have used Steve Spangler’s Science website for several years. On the website, you can find simple science experiments that you can investigate with your class. Each experiment has an image, a list of material, a short instruction section and some even have videos. Below is an example called ‘Dancing Spaghetti’. Searching is made easy through the use of a category section. I’ve used ‘Elephant’s toothpaste’,  ‘Exploding Sandwich’ and ‘Colour Changing […]

Jog The Web

JOG THE WEB is a web-based tool that allows anyone to create a synchronous guide to a series of web sites. For teachers it can be a tool for providing students with easy access to guided learning. It is free and easy to use. Check out the video demonstration below. Here is the link to a really cool Science Jog, created by ljacks called Science Happy Hour. This jog provides […]

The Elements: A visual Exploration ($7.49)

                “The Elements is probably one of the most common known educational apps, with focus on chemistry and the periodic table. The app presents the periodic table as living table where every element is displayed with a rotating sample. Each element can be selected for further information. It offers facts and figures from Wolfram Alpha, and can also list the up-to-the-minute market price […]

Sky Dome

I don’t normally promote products or services which cost money but Sky Watch Astronomy Education Programs are sensational experiences for students. Dean Davidson from the Astronomy Society of SA (based in Adelaide, Australia) visits your school with a 3D Mirror Dome which enables students to view spectacular 360 degree images. Students at my school experienced the Earth’s Wild Ride showcasing moments in the Earth’s history, with dinosaur extinctions, volcanoes, floods […]

What’s it made of?

I created the two Notebook documents below based on the  Australian Primary Connection Science Unit : What’s it made of? A copy of the unit of the unit of work can be purchased from . The Notebooks below  are designed for Reception students (5 year olds) and focus on identifying what materials are made of.  If you do not have SMART Notebook software you can download SMART Notebook InteractiveViewer for […]

Fun 4 The Brain : Free interactive games

Fun 4 The Brain (Exuberant Games) was created by Natasha Oliver  based on a passion and a belief that kids can learn when they play. This site offers a range of interactive activities which are ideal for use on the smartboard.  Natasha began by creating interactive math activities for primary students and then began creating interactive activities for Science, English and Middle School students. The site continues to grow, with at least one […]