Australian Technologies Curriculum

One of the projects which I have been working on is a website in order to provide teachers with ideas in relation to teaching the Australian Curriculum. Currently it is in draft format and I have only covered Year 3 and 4. I have started Year 5 and 6. I came across the video below which is a project (based in New York) designed to engage students in technologies. These […]

Why has this site been quiet lately?

Recently I have just been too busy to post resources. However, I have been finding and sharing resources through Pinterest, simply because it is quicker. Here is the link to my Pinterest page: . If you are a Pinterest user can can simply choose to follow boards which interest you. I have 69 boards but they are in alphabetical order which makes it easier to find things to follow. […]

iPad Training 2014

I have had several requests about iPad training for Term 1 2014. I will be uploading training session dates and times for SA within the next two weeks. If you have a time preference (ie during school time or school holidays) and or focuses please feel free to email me directly at or post a comment by clicking the speech bubble next to the title of the post.

Bloom’s and Gardner’s Writing Matrix with Hyperlinked Activities

On the Australian Curriculum Lessons Website you can find a free downloadable (PRF or Word) document provides a matrix of activities for students. The matrix is linked directly to blooms taxonomy and Gardner’s multiple intelligences. “It includes a wide range of writing activities that cover multiple areas and year levels in the Australian Curriculum. The document is hyperlinked which allows students to digitally access resources and allowing teachers to digitally […]