Gogogoolians.com : The Green Search Engine for Kids and Teens

        Gogogoolians is a safe search engine for kids and teens. According to the Urban Online Dictionary a ‘gooligan’ is somebody who is exceptionally good at using google.com search engine. Gogogoolians applies safe search filtering to each query and does not allow any annoying pop-ups or pop-unders. There is a search option which permits students to search ‘all’ or select the drop down menu and search via […]

Infotopia: Free educational search engine

Infotopia  is a free, Google alternative  search engine for students, accessing only trusted websites which have previously been selected by a range of educators. Student searches are categorised under subject headings and then the search is narrowed by visual images/icons of the accredited websites. Do I use it? Not yet, I will trial it in 2013 with my new class. Advertising does appear on this search engine. Scroll down for […]