Gogogoolians.com : The Green Search Engine for Kids and Teens





Gogogoolians is a safe search engine for kids and teens. According to the Urban Online Dictionary a ‘gooligan’ is somebody who is exceptionally good at using google.com search engine. Gogogoolians applies safe search filtering to each query and does not allow any annoying pop-ups or pop-unders. There is a search option which permits students to search ‘all’ or select the drop down menu and search via sub categories (ie reference sites, educational sites, dictionaries, school subjects) which assist students to narrow their search.

Other student friendly search engines which I have blogged previously include DuckDuckGo , Infotopia , Boolify , Yippy and Twurdy. Which one is best? To answer this question, the best thing to do is to ask your students. Demonstrate how to use each of the search engines and let them explore and decide which one which they like the best.

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