New Training for teachers with ANDROID (Google Play) devices T3 2013

Yes, you read it correctly! Inter-tech Education are providing their first training session for Android users. Throughout this hands on presentation, Joanne will work with Joanne Szegedi (an experienced Android user and teacher), in order to demonstrate how to integrate a range of free apps for your classroom. The apps to be explored will be emailed to participants for downloading prior to the session. Date: Friday11th of October  2013 Time: 12:45-3:40 […]

iPad and Android Apps by Joe Scrivens

I have been aware of the work of Joe Scrivens for many years. As an advanced user and advocate for SMART board technology, Joe Scrivens has provided and coordinated the publications of many SMART Notebook and SMART Table documents. Through internet searching, I have discovered that Joe has also created many iPad and Android Apps. I have played with several of his apps and from my opinion, Joe is creating […]

Studyladder: Free online resource update and most resources work on tablets

Studyladder is a free educational resource for teachers and students. However, students only have free access to three activities per night out of school hours. During Australia’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week that started on the  29th July 2013, Studyladder is providing everyone with free Literacy and Numeracy activities until the 6th August 2013. Studyladder is used by over 80,000 teachers and is aligned with the Australian curriculum for Mathematics […]

Math Bingo app and online resource

The Math Bingo app created by Joe Scrivens is a multi-player math app with a little twist. To play the game a number sentence appears in the middle of the iPad and students have 5 seconds to calculate and select the correct answer. Multiple players can select the correct answer as long as they do so within the 5 second time limit. The player who clears their bingo cards first is […]

Extending the ‘Simon Says’ game a little further

When I has young my parents bought me a battery operated ‘Simon’ game very similar to the image in this post. A light would appear, you needed to press that light, then the first light would appear again, followed by a second and so forth. You were required to remember the sequence in order to play the game. You can play the Simon game for free online through your interactive […]

Grimm’s Stories Free Online Resources

You may not have a tablet device but you can still access Grimm’s Fairy Tales online for free. Grimm’s Fairy Tales Online provides links to online books. Most of the books have an audio option and some are actually animated. The National Geographic website offers an animated introduction to Grimm’s Tales follow by information about the history and some stories. Unfortunately there isn’t any audio supporting the stories. The video […]

Grimm’s 3D Pop-Up-Books for Android on SALE

My previous blog was about free Grimm’s apps for iPad. The same apps are available for Android but they do cost a small amount. You can download Grimm’s Rapunzel for AU $0.99, Grimm’s Hansel and Gretal for AU$0.99 and Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty for AU$0.99. Android also offers Grimm’s Red Riding Hood and Grimm’s Puss in Boots for AU$0.99.  When you think about it, $1.00 for an interactive app isn’t really […]

Be quick! Free Grimm’s 3D iPad books

You will need to download these free apps as soon as possible because they won’t stay free for long! Normally the apps cost $5.49 but for a promotional time they are free. Save over $15. Download Grimm’s Rapunzel 3D Interactive Pop-Up-Book, Grimm’s Hansel and Gretal 3D Interactive Pop-Up-Book and Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty 3D Pop-Up-Book.